SEO History

SEO History And Using It To Your Advantage
There are a lot of pieces of SEO history that have made search engines what they are today. You’re going to find there to be quite a few pieces of advice here to help you use this to your advantage. The more careful you are to implement SEO properly, the better.
When search engines were first getting started, they just took your query and matched it to content on websites. It didn’t matter if the keyword was on a page full of nonsense, if it was there enough times then that page would rank well. These days, search engines can actually tell if there is content that makes no sense so that it won’t get ranked well or at all. Spammers would destroy the Internet if they had free reign and so it’s a good thing there are not many shortcuts they can take.
Think of the early days of SEO as the wild west where anything went. There weren’t many rules because there weren’t that many people using the Internet anyways. As time went on, people would learn how to take advantage of te systems that search companies had in place so those companies would answer by making it harder and harder to know what it took to rank well. The goal is for content to be good instead of there just being pages of ads everywhere. That’s why you should think of regular changes to how they sort results as something good.
Would you like to know what to do to prepare for an algorithm change? Sign up for a news website where things like Google are talked about often. You can join a tech news site’s email list and also can find blogs to subscribe to. Getting an alert when you find out there are going to be changes coming up, you’ll then want to start researching what kind of changes will be made. An SEO expert should be contacted ahead of the change so they can work on your site and give it the best chance of getting a better ranking or at least staying in the same spot.
Statistics that you can use through Google Analytics can help you to learn what keywords people are looking up when they find your website, and what your rankings for keywords are like. If you see that there has been a decrease in traffic that has lasted for more than a day or two, you need to figure out what happened so you can recover from the issue. It may be an algorithm change the search company applied recently, or it could be that you need new content because yours is getting stale and easy to outrank.
SEO history basically shows that there have to be regular changes as technology evolves. Otherwise, people would just have websites that were full of spam and nobody would use search engines at all. Since they keep up with the times and make changes often, spammers are out of luck even if they find a new method to cheat the system.